Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy good deals from

This is not a paid post, just me letting you know about an awesome deal going on right now at Lane Bryant. Right now they're having a big clearance sale with bras that are normally priced as high as $45 marked down to 2 for $20. Now you have to buy two to get the sale price considering that you can get four bras for the price of one that's a pretty good deal. It gets even better though!

If you spend $75 you can enter promo code 050005895 you can get $25 off your order. Now how much you can get for your money depends on what you order but I got six bras and five pairs of panties for about $56. That's too good of a deal to not share!

(The code works on everything else on the site too, not just underwear, not just on clearance stuff.)

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