Monday, January 19, 2009

There are a heck of a lot of bottles of medication in my house. Between the four of us we have more than our fair share of prescription and over the counter medications. Every so often a new one gets added to the mix and that's always been a bit of a concern for me. I worry about unsafe drug interactions. Every time Joseph (for example) starts a new medication I have to do a lot of time consuming research which often leads to conflicting information. But all that is ending thanks to is the largest and most comprehensive online drug information resource and it's an easy place to keep track of your family's medications in one place. Using their Mednotes program you are able to create a profile for yourself (or for each of your family members) to keep track of all your medication. Mednotes will alert you to any potential unsafe drug interaction. No more research! No more worry!

But that's not all Drugs.come has to offer. Other features include:

  • Quickly identify pills, tablets and capsules using the Pill Identification Wizard.
  • Learn about your pet's medication using veterinary edition.
  • Get accurate, up to date information of prescription medications, over the counter medications and natural remedies.
  • Get daily medical news and the latest pharma industry news.
  • Get information on the newest approved (and even unapproved) medications.

Chances are you've got enough on your plate right now. Let take over some of the worry and work of keeping track you and your family's medications.

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