Friday, January 16, 2009

Get organized with Cozi

I know how it is. You're busy. Your husband is busy. Your kids are busy. Your dog is busy. You're wondering how to keep track of everything that you all have going on. You're thinking "If only there was a free website that helped me keep track of appointments and lists, coordinate home and work schedules and share favorite memories and photos all in one place!"

If that's what you're thinking then you're lucky that you stumbled across this blog because I'm here to tell you about Cozi is a free website that helps you organize your life. It can be accessed from your computer or your mobile phone. Here's a sample of what your family's Cozi page might look like:
It's all there. Shopping lists, photos, schedule, messages. What more could you ask for? What's that you say? You want to win an in-home organization makeover? Then Cozi's got you covered there too. Sign up and try Cozi before February 4th and you could win an in-home organization makeover. What's that you say? You want even more? You want someone to get your husband to stop leaving his dirty boxer shorts on the bathroom floor? Err.... I can't help you there. Maybe Cozi 2.0 will have that feature. Even without it though, Cozi is a heck of a website and you should probably check it out.

And if you happen to win that free in-home organizational makeover could you send some help my way? I've got a pile of dirty boxer shorts in the bathroom that could use some sorting.

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