Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special K crackers

I was recently sent two boxes of Special K crackers to taste and give my opinion on. Asking me to give my opinion is like asking me to breath. Thanks for asking and all but chances are I'm already doing it anyway. Not that I'm complaining because I got free crackers. So, on with the show.

First up are Special K Snack Crackers in Italian Tomato and Herb. I really liked these crackers. I thought they were hearty and crunchy tasted like tomato soup. Because I can't leave well enough alone I used them with a cream cheese pesto dip and they were delicious. With only 90 calories per serving these would be a good thing to pack in your husband's lunch instead of his usual bag of Cheetos. Not that my husband eats Cheetos every day. Except for how he does.

Next up are Special K Multi Grain Snack Crackers. These crackers have only 90 calories per serving as well. Unless you eat them with a creamy cheddar dip like I did. Although I guess even the the crackers themselves still have only 90 calories per serving. My whole family liked these, even the picky boy child.

In conclusion, Special K snack crackers are good if someone sends them to you for free. They're also pretty good if you pay for them too as evidenced by the fact that my husband bought a box last night. Could the Cheetos affair be ending?

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Charming Driver said...

Learn something new everyday - I didn't even know Special K made crackers!!