Friday, July 11, 2008

A vacation the whole family will love

I need a vacation. Come on, admit it. You do too. Where do you find the time though? I don't know about you but for us our summer days are filled with sports, day camps, family get togethers, weddings, barbecues and visits from the air conditioner repair man. I don't know how we would even fit in a week long vacation. And even if we could get away where would we go? Everywhere is just so hot and crowded that it almost takes the fun out of being there.

So how about trying something different? What about taking your summer vacation in the fall? Vacationing in the off season can have a lot of benefits. Smaller crowds, cooler weather and (this is a biggie) lower prices. Consider Beaches Wonderfall Celebration.
You could save up to 45% by staying at selected resorts PLUS get one or two free nights (depending on the length of your stay) when you book a stay between September 1st and November 4th. It's a great family vacation at a really reasonable price. And what a wonderful way to make all the best parts of summer (family togetherness, relaxation, fun) last just a little bit longer.

If you've got kids you might be especially interested in the long list of kids activities that Beaches offers. This includes a full staffed nursery, a kids and teen disco, golf for kids, pools and water slides (including toddler pools) and group activities by age. You might also be interested to note that the resorts offer nanny services so that mom and dad can have a little free time too.

So take a look at the Beaches website. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by the kind of vacation that Beaches can offer you and your family!

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